TNT Cleaning Services Inc.  
                 Where cleaning is only the beginning... 


     Janitorial Services – These services typically involve various duties such as cleaning floors, bathrooms, and windows, vacuuming, shampooing rugs, washing walls and dusting furniture. Our contractual cleaning services cater to the day to day maintenance of homes, buildings, shopping complexes, banks, trade centers, condominiums, factories, workshops, warehouses, sport stadiums, theme parks, concert halls, schools, etc.

   Detail cleaning - Work does not end once a commercial construction project is completed. After the contractors have packed up their supplies and equipment, your home or business may require a thorough cleaning. TNT can assist you with cleaning walls, floors, windows and furniture. These janitorial services are provided for newly constructed or recently renovated buildings.

We can provide a quick response to assist you with cleaning up after a water or sewage loss with a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the area using the best industry products and methods.

 Property Maintenance – Our property maintenance systems positions us to manage the day to day cleaning operations of your property. This includes major focus areas such as risk management, maintenance, communication, and tenant satisfaction.

 Air Duct Cleaning –
will improve indoor air quality and will make your home or office safer. It will improve the efficiency of your air duct system which will result in a longer operating life of the system, and may provide some energy savings in the future. Over time, these air ducts and air handling components can become contaminated with particles such as dust, pollen, and other debris, as well as moisture (where there's moisture mold is sure to follow). These contaminants can cause allergic reactions, asthma flair-ups, and other symptoms to anyone that is exposed to them. 

Additional areas of expertise are:

        Power washing
       Stripping/waxing floors
       Carpet/upholstery cleaning services
       Tile and grout cleaning services
       Warehouse floor scrubbing
       Providing janitorial supplies
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